Necta Moisture & Nutrition

Necta™ H20 Water Gel

The unique NECTA Gel is designed to replace fruit, vegetables and water bags as a non-leaking moisture source when shipping animals. Sidewall attachment to the shipper or an animal cage prevents contamination from bedding.

Other uses for NECTA Gel include post surgical animals and metabolism studies and as a backup water supply. It is low cost, convenient and disposable.

A unique opening sachet saves time and requires no utensils. Call for more information and dont hesitate to help us as we develop this range; there’s many new exciting Necta products coming.


  • Easy ‘Tear to Open’ Dispense Sashets
  • Highest Quality, Barrier Produced H20 Gel
  • One FREE Enrichment Device per Box
  • Introductory Price available now


  • Application 1: Animal Transport (simple: tear corner & dispense)
  • Application 2: Weaning or recovering animals, or transition to Auto Watering
  • Application 4: Backup water. Disaster recovery plan.
  • Application 5: Drug delivery medium. Heat. Inject. Cool. Administer.
  • Free enrichment with every carton

Product Code: 214-1004

Description:       Necta™ H20 Water Gel 75 gm Sachets ‘Bag in a Box’ (96 sachets)

Dimensions:      145 x 75 mm Sachet

Packaging:          2 per carton, 60 per Pallet

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