Filter Cover Silicone Seal

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112-1235 Plastic Cage 451x283x129mm Floor Area - 970cm2
112-1240 Filter Cover Silicone Seal
112-1245 MB1 Polycarbonate Clear Base
112-1250 MB1 Polypropylene White Base
112-1255 MB1 Polypropylene Natural Base
112-1260 MB1 Polysulfone Gold Tint Base
112-1265 S/Steel Clip For AS980 Cage
112-1270 MB1 Cut Out Base Polycarbonate C/Base
112-1275 MB1 Cut Out Base Polypropylene
112-1280 S/S Wire Rat Drop In Feeder
112-1285 Polycarbonate Filter Cover Only
112-1290 Polysulphone Filter Cover Only
112-1295 Polycarbonate Filter Cover Complete With Silicon Seals & Clips
112-1300 Polysulfone Filter Cover Complete With Silicon Seals & Clips
112-1305 Filter Cover Sheets For AS980
112-1310 MB1 S/S Grid Floor
112-1315 S/Steel High Top Lid With Hatch
112-1320 S/Steel High Top Lid For Rats 8cm With Hatch
112-1325 S/Steel 8cm High Top Lid Polished (Rat)
112-1330 S/Steel Flat Top Lid Polished
112-1335 Polycarbonate AS980 Co2 Chamber Lid
112-1340 MB1 S/Steel Flat Top Lid Polished
112-1345 Time Mating Cage Lid - Inc: 2 X 1/2 Lids & 1 X Divider
112-1350 S/S High Top Lid For Guinea Pig W/O Drop In Feeder
112-1355 Filter Cover Wire Retainer
112-1360 30mm Raised Grid Floor-SS For Solid Cage
112-1365 MB1 Waste Tray Polypropylene